psycModel 0.3.2 Unreleased

psycModel 0.3.1 2021-05-21

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed bugs that measurement invariance does not have row name.

psycModel 0.3.0 (first CRAN release) 2021-04-21

Major Feature:

  • Support reliability measure summary
  • Support mediation
  • Support generalized linear regression (glm and glmer without plot)

Minor Feature:

  • cfa_summary support path diagram
  • efa_summary rewrite using functions from parameters and support post-hoc CFA test
  • cfa_summary support factor loading is hidden for same latent factor (only when group = NULL)
  • cor_test and descriptive_table support rich-text formatted table output
  • model_summary rewrite using parameters::model_parameters
  • integrate summary with plot for lm_summary to integrated_model_summary
  • cor_test re-write using the correlation package, so it supports more methods and robust standard errors
  • quite and streamline support in all models that print output
  • Give instruction on how to use R Markdown (see knit_to_Rmd)

psycModel 0.2.1 Unreleased

Major Feature:

  • Support linear regression
  • Support exploratory factor analysis
  • Complete overhaul to produce rich-text formatted summary output

Minor Feature:

  • measurement_invariance support multiple-factor model with tidyselect syntax
  • model_summary_with_plot support outlier detection
  • Changed data from EWCS_2015_shorten to popular (a data-set that is easier to understand)
  • Added a new function that allow convert HTML to PDF function for knitting Rmd
  • model_performance support a wider array of model performance measure
  • cfa_summary and measurement_invariance support checking goodness of fit

Bugs fixed

  • Critical bug fix for model_summary_with_plot. You can no request simple_slope and check_assumption correctly.
  • Critical bug fix that cor_test is not exported
  • remove some packages from import and switch to requireNamespace()
  • added fallback for normality check

psycModel 0.2.0 Unreleased

Major Feature:

  • lme_model, model_summary_with_plot support tidyselect syntax
  • cfa_summary support multi-factor CFA with tidyselect syntax

Minor Feature:

  • Added assumption_plot to visually inspect assumptions for mixed effect models in model_summary_with_plot
  • two_way_interaction_plot, three_way_interaction_plot only require the model object to produce the plot.
  • lme_model, model_summary_with_plot support using lme4 package.
  • model_summary_with_plot lme_model support passing explicit model
  • compare_fit support more model comparison (e.g., lme, glme)

Bugs fixed:

  • the current version build pass CMD check
  • measurement_invariance stop using semTools::compareFit. Added a self-created compare_fit function for the package
  • remove papaja::apa_theme() dependency.
  • use .data from rlang for mutate function
  • model_summary_with_plot always return list and changed to logical (set to T to return result_list)
  • model_summary_with_plot return a named list object

psycModel 0.1.1 Unreleased

New Feature:

  • descriptive_table support wider array of descriptive indicator (e.g., median, range) and missing & non_missing values count

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed the cor_test bug that the function return a correlation matrix with blank cells if the correlation is too high between the two items (rounded to 1).
  • Add a data_check function that warns the users if non-numeric variables are coerced into numeric.

psycModel 0.1.0 Unreleased

  • initial build